Interested in creating more SMILES

TRIAD PLAY is a non profit created in Greensboro, North Carolina.
We are thrilled to introduce an Educational Outdoor Learning Experience.

The experience is absolutely AMAZING-

Listed below are a few items that would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to purchase any items and deliver to the address below.


Donations are all tax deductible can be used for the following:

Wilderness, Gardener, Horseback, Fishing, Science and Foreign Language Instructors

Expand, build, purchase land and increase amount of students served


Stipend to provide healthy, food options 


Van to transport students and provide field trips


Extra large wooden floor game

Giant Connect Four

Magnet Tiles

Magnetic Building Sticks


We bring smiles each and everyday!

2941 Battleground Avenue Suite#39684

Greensboro, NC 27408


(336) 355-2160