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Ms. Rita and Adeline having a ball!

Interested in creating more SMILES

TRIAD PLAY is a grassroots program created in Greensboro, North Carolina.
We are thrilled to introduce an Inter-generational Play Group.
Families and young children are able to visit a senior citizen home interact, play and bond together.

Once the toddlers come running into the room, the energy instantly changes. The room comes to life and you see all the smiling faces!

The experience is absolutely AMAZING-

Listed below are a few items that would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to purchase any items and deliver to the address below.

*Please send an email "first" so we do not have multiple items delivered.* 


We love new families to visit and see the inter-generational experience at the

Carriage House Senior Living Community

Attention: Makalya Carden Community Director

3896 N Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27455



Scholarships for families who would like to attend and need financial assistance.


2 Lightweight tables that are able to accommodate the toddlers and the seniors citizens to allow everyone to interact together.


Water and sand table for the children and senior citizens to play outdoors and use their sensory skills.


Requesting a small stipend for the facilitator, yoga and zumba instructor and the master gardener. 


Funds to purchase materials for weekly activities and basic expenses.


If you have a request and would like something in particular to be added to the program, any suggestions or donations are appreciated.


Every year we would like to plant flowers and vegetables, make bouquets for the senior citizens and decorate the room with real plants that the toddlers and senior will take care of weekly.

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