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our day at triad play

When you enter the room you hear laughter,

you see smiles 

and you feel joy!

Welcome to TRIAD PLAY




Upon arrival the students are offered a healthy, nutritional breakfast. Our morning activities available includes exercising, nature walks, meditation, or feeding the horses.


It is important for students to practice self care, recognizing if they need to stretch, eat a snack or take a mental break. This makes it easier to go thru the day while being on the computer. 



Upon completion of schoolwork, students engage in wilderness class and other unique activities that are rewarding. Students learn important lessons that are full of opportunities

breakfast, lunch and snack provided



Mother Resides in Greensboro

I only wish I had found this place sooner. My 10 year old daughter began to play card games she learned at TRIAD PLAY and entertain herself. It has been amazing! I knew it was the right place when she did not want to leave when I picked her up.  This place is a hidden gem,

Pure Outdoor Fun; No batteries included

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Students have an opportunity to learn from each other 

Children learn how to effectively support themselves


Boost your child's mood, imagination, social and emotional skills

education & Skills

  • Certified Trauma Specialist in Early Childhood Development

  • Playgroup Facilitator, Curriculum Designer and Parent Coach

  • Masters of Education Early Childhood Development 
    Pacific Oaks College, San Jose, CA 


  • Bachelor of Arts in English/Elementary Education
    Howard University, Washington, DC  


  •  20 years experience educating children, families and students nationally and internationally

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We are here to help!

You don't want to miss this unique experience, the benefits are numerous!        

You are invited! Join us for weekly or daily  educational programs that allow us to learn and connect through play.