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come play

When you enter the room you hear laughter, you see smiles and you feel joy, welcome to TRIAD PLAY.


At TRIADPLAY, we incorporate household materials empty  cereal boxes, lids and organic materials such as leaves and pine cones.  Implementing these items stimulates children's minds, improves their ability to communicate and increases their cognitive abilities.  


We aim to enhance the relationship you have with yourself. Being a mother or caregiver can be trying at times, so it is important to have self-awareness and practice self care, making it easier to develop a closer bond with your child. 


TRIADPLAY is about learning how to interact with your child through play. Learn best practices from an early childhood development educator.  Skillfully guide your child to share and reduce tantrums. Gain skills to reduce stress and seek opportunities for fun. 



Senior citizens, parents and children have an opportunity to learn from each other

Learn how to effectively support yourself and your child​

Enjoy 90 minutes of quality time with your child


Build stronger bonds between parent/caregiver and child​

Boost your child's creativity, imagination, social and emotional skills



Kamilah knew from an early age she was destined to teach. A play enthusiast, facilitator, coach and pedagogist for Early Childhood Development, she draws inspiration from places children can feel, see, hear and experience.​

With 20 years of experience, she currently teaches worldwide.


We are honored to have her facilitate classes at the Carriage House. 

We're here to help parents/caregivers strengthen their relationship with themselves and their child. 

You don't want to miss this unique Intergenerational Experience, the benefits are numerous!        

You’re invited! Join us for weekly fun, educational programs that allow us to learn and connect through play.


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