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Therapeutic After School

Self-Care for children

 Enhance every child with positive interactions

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Triad Play is a therapeutic after-school program which embraces the healing power of the outdoors, improves mental wellness and bolsters self-assurance. Through a diverse array of activities encompassing interactions with animals, engagement in plant-based learning, artistic expression, musical exploration, and outdoor therapeutic sessions, we aim to cultivate a holistic approach to growth. Academically, we adopt a developmentally sensitive approach, meeting each child at their unique stage of development. Our method emphasizes patience and creativity, ensuring a supportive environment where every child thrives!

Animal Therapy

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"Who doesn't love the joy of holding a cuddly puppy or playing with an adorable bunny? At our program, we organize surprise monthly visits from furry friends—be it a four-legged canine companion or a charming two-legged creature. The sheer delight on the children's faces is truly heartwarming. The students eagerly engage with the animals, such as feed, or read a book to the animals which form special connections that ignite smiles and create cherished memories.


Outdoor Exploration

Outdoor Astronomy Class triad play asp after school program

Children thrive in the great outdoors, from crafting mud pies to roasting marshmallows, from leaping into puddles our program embraces the sheer joy of outdoor play. Kickball matches, rolling down grassy hills, and an array of outdoor activities are all integral parts of our engaging curriculum. 

Plant Therapy

Vegetable Picking garden after school

At Triad Play, we delve into the wonders of nurturing life firsthand. From digging in the earth, to planting tiny seeds and providing the essential ingredients of water and sunshine, witnessing the miracle of growing your own food is truly awe inspiring. In our program, each child assumes the responsibility of caring for their personal indoor plant. As these plants flourish, so does the students' self-assurance, blooming in tandem with their botanical charges.  Tending to, harvesting, and relishing the bounty of fresh, organic vegetables and savoring homemade herbal teas foster a deeper appreciation for the goodness nature offers!

Power Hour

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During our dedicated "Power Hour," children team up with a local University students, (NCA&T,UNCG or teachers) kicking off a session brimming with learning opportunities. After a snack and outdoor play, they're primed for this hour where we aim to instill a lifelong passion for learning. At Triad Play, we tailor the experience to each child's unique learning style, dedicating ample time for personalized attention, keen observation, and constructive feedback. Our goal? To ensure every student grasps the material and acquires the skills necessary to unlock their fullest potential!





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